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Elephant Ride & Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Elephant Ride & Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Get your experience in Bali what ever you don’t have before with 15 minute riding the Elephant after that we will go strue to See hidden waterfall it’s call Tukad Cepung and see Kehen temple , traditional  Pengelipuran village with beautiful Bamboo forest next to that village.

Discover the hidden Tukad Cepung Waterfall, where you can walk through the jungle to take the stairs to admire at the cascades from a different perspective.

Pengelipuran Village’s famous for its wealth of natural scenery is so beautiful, you can feel when set foot on the gate of the village. The distinctive feature of this village is a green atmosphere, clean, quiet and away from the hustle of the city, there are several community centers in the border area Penglipuran traditional village, community facilities and open space that serves to landscaping and a welcome area for visitors, very well with the meaning of Penglipuran word is derived from the syllables penglipur : entertainer, because since the days of ancient kingdoms, this village is a perfect place used for rest. Tour to Bali is an activity that is very impressive.

There are always things new that you can enjoy and be told to the family after the holiday is over. Penglipuran is one of the tourist destinations are quite popular in foreign countries because it is still holding on culture and Hindu religion is very strong. You can see in the residential area of custom homes along the trail to the village laid out very neatly and conceptual.

So that almost every year, the village is always visited by domestic and foreign tourists to learn about the culture, the people in the ordinances of religion, see the architecture unique to the island of Bali, the soothing charm when you are in the middle of a small forest and hills along the animal expensive and rare animals of the island of Bali, mount Batur and the lake, as well as culinary tourism is a mainstay as one of the attractions that should make a visit to the tour.


  • 15 minute elephant riding
  • Tukad Cepung Waterfall
  • Kehen temple
  • Pengelipuran village
  • Bamboo forest

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  • Min 2 person

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